I am already an established patient with Dr. Konda. What will change?
Our office has been providing a concierge level of service for our patients, but cannot continue to do so with the number of patients currently in our practice. Insurance reporting requirements have increased our administrative burden, taking valuable time away from focused patient care, while reducing the reimbursement to physicians. Therefore, in order to continue to provide the same level of care, we are reducing patient volume and will no longer accept insurance.
Do I still need health insurance?
Yes. Concierge Medicine memberships do not take the place of health insurance coverage. You should continue your PPO, Medicare or other insurance coverage.
Do I have to pay the membership fee even if I do not use my doctor's services during that year?
Yes. The annual membership fee covers the cost of access to your doctor even if you do not use your doctor’s services.
Are you a provider for Medicare?
No, Dr. Konda will voluntarily opt out of Medicare once our transition to Concierge from a traditional practice is complete. However, you should continue your Medicare coverage. We can continue to complete prescriptions, lab orders, radiologic orders, etc., on your behalf.
Is my concierge fee tax deductible?
Unfortunately, no. Your retainer is not yet defined as a “medical expense” in most states and as such is not deductible. However, the fee may be reimbursable from a Health Care Reimbursement Account or Health Savings Account and as such may be tax deductible, but you are advised to consult with your tax preparer or accountant.
Can I submit my annual fee to my insurance company for reimbursement?
Most standard health insurance carriers do not pay for the membership fees.
What about lab, X-ray, specialists' fees and hospitalization?
These costs are not covered by your membership fee. You should maintain your health insurance to cover these and any costs incurred outside of our office.
Will Dr. Konda see me in the Hospital?
Dr. Konda maintains local hospital privileges at NCH and is intimately involved as an advocate for your care during hospitalization. Although we do rely upon the hospital’s specialized clinical staff to manage admits and primary orders during your stay, Dr. Konda does conduct frequent rounds and collaborate with your inpatient physicians to create effective plans for your transition back to outpatient care. Please note that we will not be able to expedite admission to the hospital through the Emergency Department unless done specifically as a direct admit from our office.
What about prescription medicines?
Prescription medications are the patients’ responsibility and are usually covered by your prescription drug plan.
What do I do if I have an Emergency?
For a life-threatening emergency, immediately call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room. Once you have gotten immediate medical help, contact our office or Dr. Konda directly (or have a family member call) as soon as possible so they can quickly step in to provide and coordinate appropriate medical care and referrals.

For non-life-threatening emergencies (such as Urgent Care), contact our office first by phone or text to inform us about the urgent or emergent problem you are having.

What if I am out of town and need medical treatment?
Dr. Konda will be available via a scheduled medical telephone/Facetime appointment where he will be able to complete a review of symptoms and provide an appropriate treatment plan whenever possible.
Who provides medical coverage when my Clinician is not available?
In the event that Dr Konda is unavailable due to illness or vacation, your care will be reasonably and professionally handled by our office staff via: direct contact by phone, email, or text, or by the use of colleagues of Dr. Konda.
Can I get a refund if I terminate my relationship early?
Yes, on a prorated basis and with proper 30 days written notice.
Why did Dr. Konda decide to change his practice to a Concierge Practice?
As our practice has grown, our level of frustration has increased due to the inability to give you as much time and attention as you deserve. We believe our job is to help guide you through the complicated healthcare system, to assist you in understanding the ever-expanding options in the modern medical field, and to be your strongest advocate. You deserve our fullest attention to every detail of your healthcare. A concierge practice is a way of limiting the number of total patients in a medical practice, so that the doctor can spend more time with each individual patient.
Why is an Annual Enrollment Fee required?
The Annual Enrollment Fee is a membership fee to ensure limited patient enrollment, which optimizes the doctor to patient ratio.
I need more time to make a decision. Can I join Concierge Medicine at a later time?
Concierge enrollment is permitted year-round, however space is available on a limited basis.
How many patients will be enrolled in our practice?
Our Concierge practice will be reduced from a few thousand to a few hundred patients. Limiting the total number of patients will ensure that each patient receives the highest level of access, individual care and service.
What are the benefits of membership in this practice?
  • Extended and unlimited office visits
  • Little or no office waiting time
  • Medication refills within 24 hours
  • Same day urgent visits
  • Enhanced 24 hour/7 days a week access to Dr Konda via cell phone, text messaging, Facetime, and email
  • Direct supervision and coordination of care for NCH hospitalized patients
  • Personalized coordination of home health services
  • Communication with family members (with appropriate authorization from you, the patient)
  • Coordination of care while traveling
  • Telephone discussion of test results not requiring an office visit
  • Paperwork completed without an office visit (e.g., disabled parking permit, travel letters)
  • No more long waits at a lab facility- labs drawn in office (3rd party lab will bill your insurance)
  • Close follow up of all your medical appointments, tests and screenings
  • Facilitation of tertiary care referrals (e.g. Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins)
  • Preventative medicine and long-term healthcare and wellness counseling
  • End of life counseling
What is included in the Annual Comprehensive Wellness Examination?
  • Collection & review of medical history
  • Review of recommendations from consulting physicians
  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • EKG (if indicated)
  • Spirometry (if indicated)
  • Urinalysis (if indicated)
  • Review of laboratory testing
  • Establishment of a written screening schedule based on national guidelines

The Annual Wellness Examination will be performed by our office without any additional out-of-pocket expenses by Members for in-house services. Services that are not covered by the Annual Enrollment Fee include: testing at outside facilities such as blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound exams, MRI/CT scans, colonoscopy, heart stress tests, etc.

What do I do when I need a specialist?
To ensure continuity of care, we will help coordinate all specialist referrals. We feel communication between primary care physicians and sub-specialists is crucial to your health.
How do I enroll in Concierge Medicine?
You can enroll by phone by contacting our office at (239) 260-7610. Payment will be required at the time of enrollment.